About Us

lineaquattro: understanding, designing, creating.

Making things well is an art that entails virtue and knowledge. Populations and civilizations have been driven towards craft, work, toil, style, shape and art all over the centuries. Aspiration is the only way to combine these two different and distant concepts.


Strong with a profound know-how and professionalism, L&Q recaptures the 20 years experience of the Lineaquattro range of kitchens, relaunching it with new and renewed designs. It is an ambitious mission for this company that makes its stylistic evolutions a total living concept and today offers modular kitchens to the national and international market inspired by the most contemporary and essential designs with a refined and exclusive luxury.


Alongside with Europe, which represents the company’s natural core export market, LineaQuattro exports its kitchens all over the world – from the USA to Japan, from Korea to Russia.
A long-term experience, a solid network of trade partnerships created in over ten years of contacts, as well as the specialization of highly-selected professionals have enabled LineaQuattro to be present on foreign markets and comply with the specific needs of customers coming from all over the world.


The beauty of ergonomics: modularity of programmes.

Ergonomics studies the relationships between people, the objects they use and the spaces where they live and work. It’s a true science, with the goal of improving the quality of everyday movements and avoiding unnatural postures that can damage our health. To guarantee both a perfect work posture and an elegant and modern aesthetic, Lineaquattro offers the latest module which extends 13cm more than the standard one. In this way, you can have more spacious furniture (with 20% more space) and a countertop that is of proper height, also thanks to the various types of door openings.

Focus on

In order to improve kitchen functionality and ergonomy, and allow a more comfortable working position, we propose different heights of base units according to the height of who is choosing them.


Worktop height
height cm 86,1 (Base unit 65,1 cm high)
height cm 91,1 (Base unit 78,1 cm high)


Worktop height
height cm 89,2 (Base unit 68,2 cm high)
height cm 94,2 (Base unit 81,2 cm high)

Let’s create something special together.

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