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Essential lines, which at just the right moment, transform into integrated elements of decor.

The technical solutions in Arca kitchens revolutionise the very concept of a kitchen, which becomes a series of linear elements along the walls or in the centre of the living zone. Forget old style sinks, hoods, work tops and all the other paraphernalia of a conventional kitchen: these all disappear inside two elements that close to blend in perfectly with the décor.
Arca is a kitchen system with essential lines that, at the right moment, transforms into furnishing elements that integrate perfectly with domestic living space.


Gloss lacquered door with metallic finish bevel, in two shades of dark grey.
Version with horizontal groove obtained from the moulded profile of the stainless steel top.
Pull-out monoblock work top in satin finish stainless steel, thickness 30 mm. The range includes a large number of colour and finish combinations.


bronzo antique brushed lacquered
rame antique brushed lacquered



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