Style. Without sacrificing functionality

A dynamic balance to make any space more livable.

Metamorphosis means style and functionality, and is the ideal choice for all homes where the kitchen and living room share the same generous soul.
Metamorphosis kitchens blend into living areas in a perfect harmony of finish, space and function that fully satisfies the needs of today’s contemporary lifestyle.
Metamorphosis expands the horizons of the kitchen and extends its functionality to realise the dreams and desires of an ever more demanding, multifaceted and changing public.
Metamorphosis is the ideal kitchen for large open plan homes, two room apartments for young couples and studio flats for dynamic singles.


Lacquered door in matt/gloss finish in a combination of shades of grey with a significant percentage of red shades.
Version with horizontal trim and recessed handle on top edge of door. Satin finish stainless steel work top, thickness 20 mm.
The range includes a large number of colour and finish combinations.


pantone 406 C matte lacquered
pantone 410 C matte lacquered



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