The Italian style of living one’s kitchen has today become cosmopolitan.

Through the means of “Contract” (real estate contracts) Linea Quattro supplies the construction sector, giving the Client a residential setting which expresses “Italian Style “ at its best. All this is offered to the contractor at really competitive costs.

Hwawon – Flowed Daegu South Korea

We find ourselves in Korea, a country after several years of difficulty is rapidly aligning itself to Western living standards; there is indeed the desire to assimilate the aesthetic values of “Made in Italy” in terms of innovation, modernity and status symbol. Despite the large complexes, the interior of the apartments are designed to integrate modern and rational solutions which however coexist with full respect of the customs and traditions. The kitchens are large and functional, moreover, play an important role in the furnishings for the living area.

Chelsea Bridge Wharf London

Situated in one of the most exclusive areas of London, this complex has more than 600 apartments perfectly integrated in a modern and refined design. The architectural characteristics and technical solutions used make it a reference from which to draw inspiration.

The Reserve – Guadalajara Mexico

A condominium composed by 40 luxury apartments and a 340 sq.m penthouse. The two towers are connected by a bridge which acts as a solarium. The penthouses with curved glass windows have a view of Guadalajara’s skyline.

California Usa

Townhouses and luxury condominiums. A total of 56 units. All the apartments and villas have access to private gardens. The residences are all equipped with high quality finishes. The penthouses have a direct view of the gardens from the solarium.

Battersea Reach London

Another example of high engineering applied to modern housing solutions is certainly the project under construction along the Tamigi shores. Placed in a context of commercial areas, shops and relaxation areas, from the apartments one can enjoy the wonderful view thanks to the large glass surfaces outlined in metal. The kitchens have a modern style and render the limited space welcoming.

Florida Usa

A two-step project. Each of the 20 villas have guaranteed access to the beach and private swimming pool. The model chosen is Start in cement finish. An exclusive terrace overlooking the skyline.

The Montgomery – Chicago Usa

The new skyscraper in Chicago is definitely a gem, created to guarantee the highest comforts to an exclusive and sophisticated clientele. The kitchen makes one rediscover the taste of conviviality without losing the the practical use of a unique setting custom made to enjoy the house in every aspect, starting from breakfast in the morning to relaxing in the evening.

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